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Hamburg-English TOEIC Registration Terms and Conditions

English Lessons : English Coaching : International Certification : Official TOEIC Test Center : Englischunterricht : Internationalle Zertifikate : Officielle TOEIC Testzentrum

General English : Business English : Contract English : Technical English : Allgemeines Englisch : Geschäftsenglisch : Vertragsenglisch : technisches Englisch

TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg. TOEIC Testzentrum, Hamburg


Hamburg, TOEIC Preparation, TOEIC Vorbereitung


hamburg, TOEIC Exam and Preparation

TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs, hamburg, TOEIC preparation course

We do not hide behind complicated terms and conditions. We will only treat you fairly.


When you complete the registration form, you will be ordering a TOEIC test sitting at Hamburg-English official TOEIC test center in Gottschedstr 11, 22301. Hamburg. Germany. We will automatically receive your registration information and will contact you (normally within 1 working week) or sooner in the case of an express sitting. If you do not hear from us within 1 working week, please email us at


Test sitting guarantee.


Upon confirmation of day and time, we will guarantee a test sitting for you, even if you are the only student taking the test. (however you may not be the only student)


Your Information.


We will use your information only for the purposes of your registration to take the TOEIC test and for your free membership to the OnlineEnglish TOEIC test preparation course.




Normally you must allow us a minimum of two weeks before your test date to arrange for the test materials and plan the sitting unless we otherwise agree in writing.




If you wish an urgent test sitting, there may be an additional charge for express testing and result delivery. The speed in which your test and delivery of results can be achieved will be confirmed when you contact us.


Your FREE Online English TOEIC Test Preparation Course Membership.


Immediately after you have completed registration, you will be sent an email containing your FREE membership ID number for the OnlineEnglish TOEIC test preparation course. This membership number will only be valid after you have completed payment. If for any reason you have a problem, please email us at or


Your access to OnlineEnglish will remain valid from the time you register up until your test date. After your test the membership will be cancelled. If you wish to continue training after your test date, you may register for a membership at directly.


The day of your TOEIC Test


It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive punctually on the day of your test. We suggest 15 minutes before the agreed start time of your test sitting.


You must bring with you an acceptable form of identification that includes a recognizable photograph of you such as; a passport, or driving licence. Your identiofication must be valid. If your identification is out of date; even if by only one day, we will not be able to complete the test sitting.


You can check out the participant handbook published by ETS for more information here or paste this URL into your browser: This handbook lists the test requirements you and we must follow.




There are no refunds available. Once your test sitting has been arranged, you will be expected to attend. If you cannot attend through illness, then it may be possible to rearrange your test sitting.


In the case that we have to cancel your test sitting, we are only liable for arranging another mutually agreeable  test sitting.


OnlineEnglish Terms and Conditions of membership.


The terms and conditions as listed on the OnlineEnglish website at will apply as well as those of Hamburg-English.




We wish you a comfortable and trouble free test sitting and will always do our best to ensure this however, we must also follow the requirements of




In the administration of the TOEIC test, we are governed by ETS as an official TOEIC Test Centre. Your first point of complaint is direct to us at


Should you feel you have not received fair or correct treatment of your complaint, you should then contact LTS GmbH, Official TOEIC representatives for Germany and Austria at



Official TOEIC Test Center. ETS EPV and Associate Partner.

Tel: +40 (0)40 2090 8242

Gottschedstr 11. 22301. Hamburg. Germany.


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