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Hamburg-English Course Optimisation

English Lessons : English Coaching : International Certification : Official TOEIC Test Center : Englischunterricht : Internationalle Zertifikate : Officielle TOEIC Testzentrum

General English : Business English : Contract English : Technical English : Allgemeines Englisch : Geschäftsenglisch : Vertragsenglisch : technisches Englisch

TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg. TOEIC Testzentrum, Hamburg


Hamburg, TOEIC Preparation, TOEIC Vorbereitung


hamburg, TOEIC Exam and Preparation

TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs, hamburg, TOEIC preparation course

English courses in Hamburg. English language need location and English level testing.

In today's economy, the cost effective allocation of a training budget is important to ensure maximum benefit for both your company and your employees

English Training Optimisation.

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The online needs assessment platform can automatically discover the areas in your company where English is used, can estimate the level of English required and the level of English existing.


We are able to offer this service in the form of an online assessment that is completed by each employee. The assessment comprises of a number of questions about the employee's work, position and the communication tasks they have to complete. This is then followed by an English level test.


The complete assessment requires on average 45 minutes per employee and because the system is online based, the assessment can be completed in the workplace or at the employee's home.


After all employees have completed the assessment, a complete report can be downloaded instantly from a protected administration area. Employees need not be identified, therefore they can confidently and annonymously complete the assessment without worry.


After completion of all assessments, you will have a report of the departments where English is required, the level of English needed to correctly service the requirement and the existing level of English available. With this information you can confidently achieve maximum training benefit.



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